XXXIII Dynamics Days Europe

3-7 June 2013 | Center for Biomedical Technology | Madrid | Spain

Upcoming events

This is a list of the upcoming events that may be of interest to the scientific community of Dynamics Days:

15-17 May 2013, Brussels (Belgium)
Workshop on Patterns and Hydrodynamic Instabilities in Reactive Systems
International Solvay Institutes for Physics in Brussels (Belgium)

10-13 June 2013, Rostock-Warnemünde (Germany)
7th International Conference on Engineering of Chemical Complexity
Berlin Center for Studies of Complex Chemical Systems (Germany)

8-19 July 2013, Natal (Brazil)
School on Biological Complex Networks: From the cell to the brain and beyond
International Institute of Physics in Natal (Brazil)

2-13 September 2013, Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Third Summer School on Statistical Physics of Complex and Small Systems
Grupo de Fisica Estadística y No Lineal (GEFENOL) of the Spanish Physical Society

16-20 September 2013, Barcelona (Spain)
ECCS'13 European Conference on Complex Systems
Catalan network for the study of Complex Systems and The Complex Systems Society

2-5 December 2013, Kyoto (Japan)
Complex Networks 2013
Second International Workshop on Complex Networks and their Applications