NETSCI 2015 SATELLITE (1-2 June 2015, Zaragoza, Spain)



Characterizing how the brain organizes its activity to carry out complex tasks is highly non trivial. While early neuroimaging and electrophysiological studies of brain structure and function, typically aimed at identifying patches of task-specific activation or local time-varying patterns of activity, there has soon been consensus that activity has a temporally multiscale spatially extended character, as transient networks of coordinated brain areas are continuously being created and destroyed. The complex networks approach to functional neuroimaging represents a conceptual revolution, not just an incremental refinement of existing techniques. It offers a qualitatively different view of brain activity and brain-behaviour mapping (shifting from a computer-like to a complex system vision of the brain), where networks are endowed with properties, which stem in a non-trivial way from those of their constituents nodes.

The aim of this Satellite is to explore how network science methods can be successfully applied to neuroimaging data. Vital to these studies is the development of methods and algorithms for understanding the distinct properties of brain-based graphs. This workshop will provide a review of the current techniques used in network neuroimaging studies, and a description of emerging analysis methods designed to understand underlying structures and relationships in the brain. Attendees of this workshop will gain an understanding of the field of network neuroscience.


Richard Betzel

Indiana University,

Matthias Ekman

Donders Center Cogn.,
The Netherlands

Joaquín Goñi

Indiana University,

Paul Brodersen

University of Oxford,

Raffaella Burioni

University of Parma,

Gustavo Deco

UPF, Barcelona,

J. García-Ojalvo

UPF, Barcelona,

Claus C. Hilgetag

UKE Hamburg,

Markus Kaiser

Newcastle University,

Jordi Soriano

University of Barcelona,

Petra Vértes

University of Cambridge,

Angelo Bifone

IIT - Rovereto (TN),

M.A. Muñoz

Universidad de Granada,

Johanna H. Meijer

Leiden University,

L. de Arcangelis

2nd University Naples,

Tommaso Gili


Hernan Makse

City College NY,

Tiziano Squartini


Ruben Schmidt

Univ. Med. Cent. Utrecht,
The netherlands

Session I: Monday 1st June Morning

9:00-9:10: Opening Remarks

9:10-9:45: An introduction to network science in the brain (Qawi Telesford)

9:45-10:20: Generative models of the human connectome (Richard Betzel)

10:20-10:55: How does the topology of neuronal network change during spatial learning? (Paul Brodersen)

11:10-11:45: Determinants of dynamic reconfigurations in human brain networks (Matthias Ekman)

11:45-12:20: Modeling resting-state functional brain networks: from population data to individual subjects (Joaquín Goñi)

12:20-12:55: The connectome as an underlying infrastructure of disease propagation (Ruben Schmidt)

Session II: Monday 1st June Afternoon

15:00-15:10: Opening (A. Gabrielli)

15:10-15:30: Routes to adaptation in functional brain networks (T. Gili)

15:30-16:00: Networks of the biological clock (J. Meijer)

16:00-16:30: Criticality and correlations in neuronal networks (L. De Arcangelis)

16:30 -16:50: Percolation and cascading in a brain network of networks (H. Makse)

17:10-17:30: Detecting cluster structure of resting state fMRI brain networks of mice: percolation and modularity features (T. Squartini)

17:30-18:00: A novel brain partition highlights the modular skeleton shared by structure and function (M. A. Muñoz)

18:00-18:30: Average synaptic activity and neural networks topology: a global inverse problem (R. Burioni)

18:30-19:00: The modular structure of brain networks and the resolution limit (A. Bifone)

Session III: Tuesday 2nd June Morning

9:00-9:10: Opening (J.M. Buldú - M. Chávez)

9:10-9:50: Excitable neural dynamics based on topological features of brain networks (C. Hilgetag)

9:50-10:30: The Human Connectome in Health and Disease: Organization and Development of Hierarchical Brain Networks (M. Kaiser)

10:30-11:00: The organization of brain networks during normal and abnormal development (P. Vertes)

11:30-12:10: Dynamical organization of neural activity in brain networks (J. Garcia-Ojalvo)

12:10-12:50: Exploring effective connectivity in neuronal cultures. Applications to medicine (J. Soriano)

12:50-13:20: The link between the structural and the functional connectome (Gorka Zamora)

13:20-13:30: Concluding remarks (F. De Vico Fallani - D. Papo)

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Organizing Committees

Session I

Danielle Basset (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Qawi K. Telesford (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Robin W. Wilkins (University of North Carolina-Greensboro, USA)

Session II

Raffaella Burioni (Universita di Parma, Italy)
Guido Caldarelli (IMT - Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy)
Andrea Gabrielli (Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi (ISC) - CNR, Rome, Italy)
Tommaso Gili (IRCCS Fondazione "Santa Lucia", Rome, Italy)

Session III

Javier. M. Buldú (URJC & Center for Biomedical Technology, Madrid, Spain)
Mario Chávez (CNRS & Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Épinière, France)
Fabrizio de Vico Fallani (Inria & Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Épinière, France)
Johann. H. Martínez (UPM & Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia)
David Papo (LPC Institute & Center for Biomedical Technology, Madrid, Spain)
Martijn van den Heuvel (Brain Center Rudolf Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands)


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